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Hi my name is George Kerr of Income Advantage.


I can help you to see the forest from the tree…… OH YES I can. I am here the help to you to disregard the online Fluff and to help you to build on a simple business that will make you lots and lots on money.


If you’ve never made any money online, believe me I can relate, it only a few months ago I was just like that, but through this simple business strategy my business is now booming, you too can get this step by step procedure of how to build your business to $1000, $5000 and you don’t have to stop there.


Follow me on the Income Advantage Blog, on connect with me on Income Advantage Fanpage, you will learn the basic principles that will build and sustain an extremely profitable online business now and for the future.


I know there are those who will sell those overnight success systems but often they filled with gimmickry and loopholes that are unsustainable.  I am not about that because what I’ll share with you is a simple system of how to make a consistent living on the internet.


If you tired of the rat race and you looking for an escaped, you are welcome to join in, because I am building a community of individuals who want to take action and regain control of their lives.


Can you imagine the feeling of not having to worry about the state of economy, ..why?.. because you’ve build a system of security that is not affected by it.


  • Want to get rid of the job…….You are in the right place
  • Want to get your life back…..You are in the right place
  • Want to spend more time with your family…..You are in the right place
  • Want to build a business that fulfills your dream……You are in the right place.


You are,  in the right place




My Story


My name is George Kerr; I live beautiful Toronto, Ontario Canada with my wife and children. I came  to Canada more than forty years ago, along with my parent, because they had hopes of a better life . My professional background is, I am a Civil Engineering Technologist, and after graduating I’ve worked in Materials Engineering department of  with several  small and medium size firms. While it intrigues me in the research and  developing of construction materials I knew I have always wanted a business of my own. Later on in my career I ventured with into business ownership with a minor share in a Paving Materials company. That was the wakeup call! Because being an owner/operator was meant long hours with few rewards.  During this period I came across an opportunity in internet marketing arena, this business model appealed to me immediately because I realized, the people in network marketing were enjoying the lifestyle of dreams.


Never accept defeat, look for the solution


The paving business did not work and neither did my first network marketing venture, in fact things went from back to worst when my family and I experience real financial hardship culminating with the lost of our family home in 2009.  But I believe that God never gives you more than you can bear, I persevere until, I found a systems that works, it only a few month ago but I have proven that it is real because on the consistent increase in the number of new business partners. Success has  eluded me for more than ten years online but no more  because I  found a simple system that has enabled me to turn my fortunes around.


Choose Success more money


If you are still struggling trying find a solution, I am here to help, success is within your reach, So reach out and grab it. It is a simple system that will keeps you focused on doing things right, following the  right plan of action to fulfill your dreams. Forget a about the overnight success stories they mostly filled with gimmickry and false promises, they are not sustainable. Finally I invite you to check out my vehicle of success Check out my online vehicle of success ( it is responsible for the change in my fortunes).


My Free Video


This simple system I have used to build my business, I have included into a free video series, any subscriber who will click on the link below to join my business.  This  video series is easily worth $97.00 but I am giving to you this for free, if you join me in business where I will personally guide through the information.


Together to the Top




George Kerr


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