3 Biggest Mistakes (part II)

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Most Internet marketers are dreamers, however for many of us our dreams never came to fruition because we’ve stop dreaming or we have allowed others to stop us from dreaming. Often we’ll start our business full of  life and vibrancy, our level of enthusiasm was through the roof,  but  we allow the frustrations to turn us aside from pursuing our dreams.  To be a successful online marketer we must adopt the attitude of persistence and that the only way to fail at this is to quit. It is important to make assessment of our progress and make all necessary adjustments.  Building on the principles of leverage which was first discovered by Archimedes in way back in the age of antiquity 287 BC to 212 BC, this principle of leverage, we’ve borrowed and if applied it  facilitates your success!

The three biggest mistakes made by Internet Marketers are as follows:

  1. Buying Leads
  2. Not Building a List
  3. Not Follow Up with Your List.

This is part 2 in The Three Biggest Mistakes Series,  we will a look at the error number two which is Not Building a List. Everyone who has enjoyed some level of success will tell you the secret is in the list and the skilled online marketer whenever he or she hears this, will shout in the affirmative. But the inexperience online marketer, are more focused on the sale and never stop long enough to give it some thought much less building a list. The Income Advantage system is here to add clarity we’ll focus on the fundamentals of building a list. We’ll identify the elements of an effective lead building system.

  • Sales Funnel

A system of communication (Sales Funnel)

To build our list effectively there we must a way to bring our offer in front of our prospects.  I often listen heard in the breakdown in a relationship, the terminology of irreconcilable differences used as a reason for the breakup. At the core of an irreconcilable difference is really failure to communicate, somewhere in the couples  busy life their system of communication became corrupted, and since communication is no longer possible, hence the breakdown.  Anyone wanting to build an online business must have a system of communication; first in the process they must have high converting landing pages. Landing pages are our calling card and this it must be attractive. Through Income Advantage we have access to system to generate our very own high converting landing page.

We must be having the ability to collect  and store email addresses of the people who click on our landing pages and have opted in. We must have means of following up with them at later date. This is done by means of an auto-responder, and it is the core of lead building system or what is can be referred as your system of communicating.

With the Income Advantage system we are able guide you through the process of delivering killer landing pages, and how to setup your auto-responder and how to follow up in simple straight forwarded everyday language.

Having a system of communication we are able to get our offer in front of prospects continuously this form the basis of your sales funnel.

Through the Income Advantage system we can assist you in developing this skill to level out the playing field towards a highly successful and profitable online business. Having identified the reasons why having a highly effective sales funnel is so important why wait, let open the channel of communication towards effectively building your business, it develops the likability factor, and it gives you an audience for your marketplace.

“The Secret is not only the List” it is about your willing to believe the in a system that works, and it gives you the Advantage when you market your products and services to your list.  Connect with me on facebook like my Fanpage.

Together to the Top


George Kerr

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