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3 Biggest Mistakes (Part III)

tion: underline;">Not Following Up

Most Internet marketers are dreamers, however for many of us our dreams will never come to reality because we’ve stop dreaming and we allowed  others to stop us from dreaming. Many people started with very high levels of enthusiasm but allow the frustrations to turn them aside from pursuing their dreams.  To be a successful Internet marketer you must adopt the attitude that the only way to fail at this is to quit. As the old adage say “winners never quit and quitters never win.”  It is important to assess for yourself where you are in pursuit of yours dreams and make the necessary changes to develop your skill set to ascend to the heights you have dreamed of.   The principle of leverage first discovered by Archimedes way back in the age of antiquity 287 BC to 212 BC; this principle of leverage is that which facilitates our  success!

The three biggest mistakes made by Internet Marketers are as follows:

  1. 1.    Buying Leads
  2. 2.    Not Building a List
  3. 3.    Not Follow Up with Your List.

This is part three of The Three Biggest Mistake Series and it covers a very common error in the process of building our online business which is not following up with our list, it amounts to ninety percent completion which yields one hundred percent failure. Everyone who has enjoyed success knows this that without a strong relationship with their list they would have nothing because without strong bonds in the relationship it falls apart. The skilled online marketer recognize this and follow though insatiably, each and every day or as often as possible. Therefore why not do what they do? Follow those who have been successful, walk in the pathway they have created to your very own success.

Knowing the Lay of Land Gives Advantage

At the very top  of the City of Toronto, there is the highway 401. On highway  401 there is a stretch through the city where the width of this highway spans 16 lanes wide, I have often used it without a thought to the expanse and how intimating this stretch of roadway can be when it is congested. In most cases the this grid lock doesn’t phased me at all; why because I lived and driven in Toronto for about thirty years, I been a cab driver, a courier, a technical sales representative all of which involved travelling back and forth this highway, and in those travels, I have learned to navigate portions of this highway to move more efficiently than the average Joe.  My advantage is that I knew the lay of the   land.

Well, today let’s level the playing field, let us identify the reasons why building a list and following up is so important. Building a list gives us an open channel of communication, Following Up it builds relationship, and Following up it develops the likability factor, resulting in an audience or a marketplace.

There is a scripture in the bible that says “How can two walk unless they agree”, and  In Law the experts  will say, “to have a contract there must be a meeting of the minds” both of these quotes really suggest that communication is necessary, whatever form it may take there has to be at the very basic level a method of communicating that is understandable on both sides. Our list opens up those channels, for communicating.

Building a relationship is simple I believe many of us can relate to this; think of the first encounter with our significant other, my question is if when we first meet our significant other if  we’ve never came into contact again, just how far would that relationship go? How much would it have grown? Truth is, it would have withered and die, the same is true for our list. It is the perfume that fills the air, and in essence its gives life to our list.

What is likability Factor? People only do business with the people they know, like and trust. This is a favored position, it is quite humbling when someone extends their trust to me. I considered it a privilege to be considered worthy of that trust. So how do we build trust, it is by being honest, down to earth and just genuine with whatever we do.   This why I only recommends are the things that  I have proven and I myself have already bought into it. The likeability factor deal really with emotions there must be some connectivity with us.

Not following up destroys our list and not having a list forces us to constantly market our wares to strangers, to the people who don’t know us, to the people who doesn’t like us, and the people who does not trust us. This makes our online business suffer and offers us no advantage. In fact  the experts have studied this aspect of marketing and understand it is vital for their survival.  My good friend “D”  puts it this way “if a fish comes from the ocean and tells you that the ocean is deep” , what would your conclusion be? Is it deep or not? So the experts have all echoed this truth- “The Secret is in the List” believe them, it really gives us the Advantage when we market our products and services to our list.

So go on and build your list, and this where I am offering to you my expertise because the secret is in knowing, this is where  through the Income Advantage system; I can help you. If you are still struggling not knowing what to do I am here to offer a solution connect with me on facebook like my Fanpage, I will show you strategies and ideas of how to accomplish this very goal that will build your business into a thriving successful one.

Together to the Top

George Kerr

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