Amazon Fire Phone Review

waiting for Amazon to counter the likes of Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color. When Amazon very first hit the scene along with the Kindle they captured the market share and dominated as units seemed to be selling as fast as they could be produced. Barnes and Noble decided to up the stakes in the ereader sector when it came up along with the cheapest tablet computer on the market along with full color functionality and web browsing capabilities. For Lots of who wanted both the luxury of the ereader and a tablet computer functionality the Nook Color offered the least expensive blend of the two. Now Amazon has actually officially announced its follow up to the Nook Color which is the Amazon Fire.

The specs that have actually been released upon Amazon’s announcement hardly sound like a serious iPad competitor. While of course you still can obtain more functionality from cheap netbooks under 200 or a cheap desktop computer the Amazon Fire still caters to select niche in the market of users who just want a tablet to serve recreational needs. Analysts show that this is among the fastest growing sector of computer sales since the iPad introduction. Sales have actually continued to soar and Amazon showed that it isn’t about to let any market share slip away to other lesser rivals such as Barnes and Noble.

While of course the Apple iPad likely will continue to dominate for some time to come Amazon decided to venture into some quite innovative territory along with its brand-new proprietary browser called Silk. Inspired by the fact that silk thread is incredibly thin and almost invisible yet maintains an extremely strong link, the Silk browser actually uses a hybrid approach of Cloud computing called Amazon EC2. What makes it so unique is that the browser can instantly discern what part of the web request can be processed on the tablet and what is better to be remotely processed. What this results in is much faster load times for web pages and extended battery life for the Amazon Fire as the processor on the users tablet is used much less.

Naturally Amazon’s huge following the Fire will in all likelihood sell quite well. Lots of computer techs are pointing out that Amazon’s risk could pay off big along with the development of its own brand-new speedy web browser. This of course all fringes on the fact of functionality and ease of use. While the specs that have actually been announced have actually been nothing spectacular the brand-new browser development using external computing power could really push the Amazon’s very first fully functional color tablet over the top to be the brand-new ereader tablet hybrid of choice.
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Amazon Fire

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