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Apples latest iPhone.  At present we do not know what this handset will be called but whichever title it adopts you can be assured that it will quickly become one of the biggest selling handsets of 2011.  For the purposes of this piece we shall refer to the model as the iPhone 5. Here we take a look at the possible names of this brand-new model along with some other rumours which have recently circulated about its release.

Logic dictates that the brand-new Apple device will be named the iPhone 5 given that the last phone was the iPhone 4.  There are some suggestions however that this may not be the title given to the brand-new phone.  Some reports are suggesting that Apple may opt to name the phone the iPhone 4S.  The S was added to the iPhone 3G when it was updated and stood for “speed” as the device was a much faster model than its predecessor.  Given that the brand-new iPhone is likely to include Apples brand-new A5 chipset we will see considerable increases in performance speeds tanks to the dual core processor that it uses.  Does this signify that the iPhone 5 may actually become the iPhone 4S, especially as several of the phones features such as the Retina Display resolution will remain unchanged?  Another possibility despite the fact that a fairly unlikely one is that the phone may be christened as the iPhone 4G.  In order for this name to work however the handset would certainly need to operate on the ultra fast 4G mobile network which is unlikely.  Some countries such as the UK also do not support such a network so this name is the least likely to be used.  Of course the remaining possibility may be to call the phone the very obvious iPhone 5.  This will tie in nicely with Apples launch of the iOS5 operating system.  The main reason why this name may not be used is if Apple are planning a major release next Spring and may want to keep hold of this name until then, this has actually been rumoured but at present there is no concrete information.   It is likely that we will see the iPhone 5 launched in the US around the 21st of October which is around one month away.  It remains to be seen whether the UK will see a launch on this day or whether we will see it introduced a couple of weeks later.  There are plenty of reasons to believe we will see an October launch for this handset.  Pre orders are being taken in the United States from the first of October whilst Sprint, one of Americas leading networks, have cancelled staff leave over this period.  The recent fall in price of the iPhone 4 suggests that a brand-new model is imminent and the launch of the highly anticipated iOS5 operating system has actually been suitably delayed to coincide with the brand-new model.  One thing that we can be assured of is that whenever Apple chose to release this model we can expect similar levels of interest that were experienced with last years launch of the iPhone 4.   The iPhone 5 looks sure to inject fresh life into a mobile phone market that has actually been dominated by the Samsung Galaxy S2 over the past few months.  Expect to see patient consumers lining the street outside Apple stores very soon.

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