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he iPhone 4 is a flawed beauty. Major enhancements include very high resolution screen, the most effective 5-megapixel camera, HD video recording, a second camera for video calls and longer battery life. But there are problems getting a signal and is also extraordinarily expensive. Now available in white.

The stainless steel body, functions as a satellite phone and Apple’s claim that this will help to improve the reception of mobile signals. But only if properly maintained, because if you put your hand on the lower left corner of the phone, the signal is reduced to zero. Is that a problem? “It’s just to avoid the conclusion that,” said Steve Jobs. Official Apple statement is more subdued but no less reassuring: “. Do not hold in the lower left corner in a way that encompasses both sides of the strip of black metal in the band” It’s really hard to do, especially for a great device like the iPhone. Alternatively, you can buy a cover to protect the antenna. You know, if it were any other phone, just dial our number down and told him not to buy it. But this is the iPhone, after all, and maybe I can learn to keep your phone in the form approved by Steve Jobs or buy a box and then the problems disappear. Therefore, we will place a star on our evaluation and continue with the review.

Therefore, if you can handle the high cost and the problem of signal you want to know what you get for your money. Well, what you get is a higher quality device that is approximately the same height and width as the previous iPhone, but much thinner, only 9.3 mm thick. However, thick yet weighs 137g. Smells like the quality, of course, the box of accessories for the device itself, but apart from being thin is not very different from previous generations of iPhones.

The screen is the same size as the previous iPhone by 3.5 inches, but the brand-new packages Retina screen twice the number of pixels in each direction, giving a total of 960 x 640 pixels in total picture quality as outstanding result. Samsung can not beat the Galaxy S if you want the most effective display on the market, but is probably the second best and surely that is enough.

Apart from the screen, the biggest change comes in the form of the cameras. The camera has actually a larger sensor and therefore have a better image at night and in low light, the resolution has actually been increased to 5 megapixels and added an LED flash. The video camera has actually been seriously improved to record videos in HD resolution (720p). This makes the iPhone 4 in the league to record video with only a handful of other game enabled phones – the Samsung S Galaxy, a wave of Samsung and Sony Ericsson animosity between them. But perhaps the biggest change is the addition of a secondary video camera that enables video calls. “People have been dreaming of video calls for decades. IPhone 4 is a reality,” Apple said, ignoring the fact that other manufacturers have been offering this feature since 2003. Also note that only you can make video calls to other iPhone users 4 and only Wi-Fi. That’s a bit restrictive.

The main improvement is that the phone battery. Even though the time quoted standby mode is the same, Apple said that the conversation and Internet browsing time has actually been improved by 40%.

Multi-tasking has actually also been improved so you can run multiple applications without slowing the performance of the application in the foreground or battery drain unnecessarily.

So, Apple has actually created one of the most effective phones on the market, but potentially flawed beauty. Does it work as a phone? No, if you do not sign! But there are ways around that if you really want. Apple has actually come a long way to plug the gaps in the capabilities of the iPhone, but is very expensive. Is it worth the money? Is it worth the risk? Only you can decide. Either way, be sure to find the most effective deals on the brand-new iPhone with a site like Genie mobile phones before making that all important decisions.

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