ConnectRetarget Best Targeting & Engagement Tool

ou promote a product.
Some people email a list straight to the offer. Others use a review site or send traffic to a bonus page.
My colleague Wilco developed a software that has improved his results up to 384% on his campaigns. It takes basic retargeting and makes it so much more powerful.
Your marketing dollars are best spent targeting engaged prospects—the If they see your message again, ones that are more likely to buy.
Traditional retargeting is a bit hit and miss. It treats every visitor the exact same. Why pay to advertise to someone who isn’t interested?
And for the REALLY big promos, many use paid ads.
Whatever your method, profits are the bottom line. Which is why more affiliates are retargeting, because it’s proven to boost conversions.
All by letting you target users based on SPECIFIC actions and behaviors.
>> See A Demo of It in Action Here!
What I like most about the software:
= > makes retargeting simple for beginners, and much more effective for advanced users
= > allows you to create highly targeted audiences based on behaviors such as: time spent on site, engagement level, referral source and much more
= > saves you money on ad costs while boosting conversion rates, if you’ve ever used retargeting for YOUR campaigns– or are even thinking about it
— this is worth a very close look.