Focusing on Your Objectives

at Napoleon Hill story of success, the story chronicled a 20 year journey interviewing and following the successful people of his day. He managed to condense this wealth of information into an amazing 1937 classic Think and Grow Rich.

Author Greg Reid who has followed this example and have applied the stickability theory: The Power of perseverance seeing the examples of top achievers, he offered a few useful successful people should possess. .

Get Along with Others

Be happy for other people’s success because this does not limit of eliminate your chance for success. No man is an island and these same people just might be there to help you along.

Don’t give up.

Commit to your desired end.  With that in mind keep your ultimate goal in sight, don’t get overwhelmed by the fight of the journey. You will achieve success when you’re the intestinal fortitude to stick to your guns even when things are going wrong, because if you persist you will achieve.

Stop delaying, become more proactive than reactive. Have confidence in your ability, and be honest enough to get the resources to build yourself into the person you want to become. The greatest achievers are those who capitalize on opportunities when they are available. Have courage and take on the assignment even though the task might seem daunting.

Be Honest

Never let fear rule your actions, put your desire and determination at the forefront of your end goal. Understand that you have a job to do and becoming the leader you ought to be, it is a must for the success of your goals. You must appreciate and allow yourself to develop into the best leader you can be and remember the success of your end goals it might mean travelling outside the norms of the system.

Be a Phenomenal Leader

Know this and believe that Leadership is not reserved for the chosen few. Leadership is learned and it involves facing challenges with grace and dignity. It gives you a more balanced approach and that is when you will see solutions with a clear perspective to achieve your goals.


Jeff Curran (Curran Online), “That most people have a warped idea of what success is. Rather than considering which company is the biggest, fastest, or meanest, people need to remember it is the journey that is rewarding, not the end result”.

Even though John Cochran was about to graduate from law school, (winner of Survivor Caramoan, fans vs. favorites, writer of CBS the Millers) when was asked by Jeff Probst asked him if he was going to be a lawyer. He gave a honest answer that he wanted to try writing. The producer of The Millers offers John the job of writing the Millers because he thought he was funny.

Self-made billionaire Sara Blakely was interviewed Maneet Ahuja (Author of the Alpha Masters) about her story of success. Sara sold fax machines door to door for seven years after failing her LSATs and having limited success as a standup comedian. She is quoted as saying; “if it weren’t for her dad teaching her the importance of failure, she would have never had the will Spanx from vision into reality”. Because in the long run it is the people who were willing to lay aside their egos and are inspired by passion to do (not the end result) what they do truly inspires us.

Acknowledgement: Thank to Darren Hardy of Success Magazine whose research form the basis of this article.

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