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raised lots of times over, I know, “can we really get free website traffic through article marketing?” The question is not nearly as amazing as the answer!

The simple answer is of course, Yes! But the why and the how are reasons that we must also look into if we are to increase our website traffic to the max. Why article marketing is so adept at increasing our web traffic is the fact that everyone is searching for answers. Remember when you were first starting out on the Internet, how much easier it would certainly have actually been had you had access to the answers some simple questions that were swimming around in your head? People need answers, they need the right answers and they need them Now!

But article marketing can only be as effective as the people behind the publishing process. Imagine for a minute that you want to get your motor vehicle serviced correctly, would certainly you go to a back-yard mechanic along with no experience or would certainly you trust your prized possession along with a top rate mechanic who had a crew of highly dedicated staff?

That is why, you need to find a reliable article distribution or publishing company that can deliver the goods.What the bottom line means to you is that your high quality articles will get maximum exposure in a trusted and professional environment. Millions of people every month come to only one or two article directories to look for the answers, and they know they will find them. A quick search should uncover these top sites.

The amazing fact is that there are lots of article sites that will offer this service Free to help you publish your articles. What is even more amazing is that it is such a foolproof way to get free website traffic than any other method I have actually seen. For each 100 article views I get for the articles I write, I get an almost 10 percent click through rate to my website! Now if that’s not the very best way to get free website traffic since sliced bread hit the market, I don’t know what is!

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