Getting Started With The Bum Marketing Method


Getting Started With The Bum Marketing Method
By Clint Lenard

The Bum Marketing Method was created by Travis Sago, who explains that he can literally pick up a Bum off of the streets and show him how to make money online with little effort. Is it the real deal?

In a simple answer: Yes, it is the real deal.

Bum Marketing takes more than a little effort, it takes quite a bit of effort and it takes a little knowledge in Writing Articles and Search Engine Optimization. In the shortest Bum Marketing Tutorial ever, I’m going to attempt to break down this process for you, so that you can better understand “BMM”.

Bum Marketing is very similar to Article Marketing, in which you need to write articles (duh!) and submit them to places such as based on a set of Keywords with little competition. Take, for example, “Blue Widgets”. Let’s say that we joined an Affiliate Program for Blue Widgets and we want to promote this product.

If you were to type “Blue Widgets” (with quotes around the term) into Google – you would see the number of results given back. These numbers (results) are actually “competition”. These are your competitors that you need to beat. When I say “beat”, I’m talking about getting to the top of the results for this keyword (Blue Widgets).

You want to get the top results so that when a user searches for the term Blue Widgets, they visit YOUR website. Once they visit your website/blog/article – there is a good chance that they will follow the link you want them to follow (ie, Affiliate Link to make the purchase) to get the results you’re looking for.

For Keyword research, we can use a free tool such as the Google Keyword Tool, or even a paid tool such as NicheBot

OK, so we’ve got the gist of it all, right? Alright, let’s continue.

So here’s the plan:

1) Find a product you want to promote (Green Widgets)

How I analyze a niche to see if it is a hot trend

2) Find a search term you want users to type into the search engines (keyword research – NicheBot?) … let’s say it’s “Green Widget Review”.

3) Create an Article based on the term “Green Widget Review” (honest review is what really works!)

4) Use the term “Green Widget Review” as the Title of the Article — and then use it somewhere near the top of the Article, but use it for readers – don’t make it look and feel spammy

5) Make the Article at least 500 Words Minimum and try to include some other Keywords that are related to the Product for extra searches. (Blue Widgets, Red Widgets, etc)

6) Submit the Article – but be sure to include a link to your Website/Landing Page/Blog at the bottom of the article in the Author SIG – Resource box.

7) Be sure that your landing page is ready for these articles. Have more information related to the product, a better review, a purchase page, etc.

8) You can also just link straight to the Merchants page if you use a site like

9) Rinse and repeat, but use a totally different article for another Article Directory)

Sites such as and are also great resources to build review or comparison sites or even Informational sites for the Affiliate product. These sites, including, get a ton of traffic – but they also get GREAT Search Engine Results!

I hope you’ve learned a little about Bum Marketing, and I hope you continue your Learning experience on the subject! []Learn more about Bum Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Looking to get started with Affiliate Marketing? Want to see what it takes to become a successful Affiliate Marketer? Check out my blog: Affiliate Marketing For Newbies

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