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Today I will share with you, one marketing strategy that changed my business overnight and have really affected my fortunes.

If you are still struggling to find online success. Then today is your day I will share with you this technique and if it is used you will find success. It is the same technique I applied to my business to change the direction of my fortunes and ultimately the survival of my business.


When it comes to business online or offline, there is an element of commonality to all. This one ingredient must be present in all businesses. It is so important that the absence of this ingredient spell the death for your business

In fact the if you should take a poll of all the businesses there ever was, it would  have been the all-time champion for the success, and the lack thereof would be the champion for  the failure of businesses.

It is to your business like the blood is to your body.

Therefore if this one ingredient is so important, it would be the smart thing to do all you can to facilitate presence of this key ingredient in your business!


This really brings to mind an experience from my former life as a partner in a materials supply company. In 2001 to 2007 I was a partner in a materials engineering firm. We were a brand new start up in this industry in our home province of Ontario Canada.

We had a great line up of products, and it was a proven formula, and in fact this formula is currently being use in most major cities throughout United States and Canada.

However we had a major problem, since we were newbies in the industry, our materials was relatively unknown and as a result we had no customers. Needless to say since we could not solve this problem, it ended in the ultimate demise of the business.

In the online circles we would say we have no TRAFFIC and MORE SPECIFICALLY TARGETED TRAFFIC.

Well given the importance of this one element, I think it would be wise to do all you can to ensure that this one requirement is being fulfilled always, which brings me to this Strategy.

So when it comes to building a successful online business it important know your target audience and this why this marketing strategy is so effective.

The marketing strategy is called a SOLO ADS, you can use this strategy to drive traffic to your website.

Solo ad dealers know their list well, because they have over time developed strong relationship and good rapport with their list.

Solo ad dealers know their list and they’ve developed a strong appreciation for the interest of those who are on their list, and knowing this pays huge dividends over and over again.



A SOLO AD is a transaction through which a list builder grants you access to their own list. The Solo Ad (Your Ad) is placed by the list owner to their list with their blessing that this is a good offer, and because of good rapport they’ve developed it gives you the owner of the ad a huge advantage.

The list owner generally charges a nominal fee (a price per click) for granting you access to their list. Some considerations of a Solo Ad includes:

  • the number of clicks
  • price per click
  • the date you want to show your offer
  • your swipe
  • Your re-direct URL (this typically is your offer).


It is one of the most effective marketing strategy list builders use to grow their list and the resulting effect is real and sustainable business growth.


So if you are still struggling and you are still trying to find online success, this is one strategy you should adopt. It will change your life and the life of your business.

At Income advantage it is one of technique that I have used and because the results were so dramatic that I felt I had to share this with you.

I’ve realized online success is not a mystery, what it is

It is deliberate

It is determine

It is active and pointed towards success





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