Internet Marketing Mastery Tools | Set Up an Online Store for less than $10


I have consolidated some very useful internet marketing tools and resources mainly FREE ones that are comparable or better than the paid products.

Below are the tools for setting up a professional website for your products/affiliating products to make its debut on the internet.

(1) Your Business Presence on the Internet Starts From Keyword Research. Finding a niche keyword with high demand and little supply would literally put you in a top favourable position on the search engine. For good keywords research, go to

(2) You are ready to create your own products or become an affiliate promoting someone esle products from the keywords you have researched. You can register for FREE as an affiliate from some of the top reputable site such as clickbank, pay dot com, internet marketing center and generatorsoftware.

(3) You now have a product and you need to create a store which is a website to display your products on the internet. Download the free website builder here -> . Alternatively, you can set up a blog using blogger or wordpress and write a review and description of the products you are selling or promoting. If you decide to set up a blog, you can skip #4.

(4) Next, to create a web presence, you need to get a domain name which is akin to the address of a store. You can purchase a domain name at an afforable rate at Here, you should try to accomodate the keyword into your domain name. Lastly, you should get reliable web host to host your site. You can go to Hostica or Ultimate Marketing Center. For free host, you can go to Freewebs or Bravenet. Above are very brief kickstart guides for any online business. If you are serious in building a pipeline of wealth on the internet, then you should consider invest a small amount of money on Armand Morin’s Internet Marketing Explained or Derek Gehl’s Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On the Internet. Both are gurus in the arena of internet marketing which will teach you the A-Z of starting and profiting in your online business.

Marsden 🙂

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