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This story is partially about a man by the name of Archimedes and Leverage.

Archimedes lived back in the age of antiquity 287 BC to 212 BC.  Archimedes was a Mathematician, Physicist, Inventor, Astronomer and Engineer. He is credited with inventions and discovery of scientific principles. While the invention of the lever was not his invention, he is credited with the discovery of the principles of the simple lever.

In support of this principle he was quoted as saying “Give me a place to stand on and I will move the earth.”  This he spoke in relation to lever from which we derived Leverage.

He designed a block and tackle pulley system which enabled sailors to use the principles of Leverage to lift objects that would otherwise too heavy to lift.

My fellow networkers it is important to know this system of Leverage which is utilized  by  millions of people every day, so don’t be frustrated when “Poor Ignorant Foolish” people look down on you because you are employing a tactic that is used in the normal course of business.

I am only stating this because I have come to understand that opinions are a dime a dozen and everybody has got one, I was chided by some know it all that Network Marketing is a Pyramid scheme,  (NO IT IS NOT, IT IS A LEGAL FORM OF BUSINESS ).

I told him to refer to the 1979 Supreme Court ruling between Amway Corporation and the US Federal government. It was proven in a court of law that Network Marketing is a legal form of business.

Our next challenges comes from friend and well wishers who have an   objections we are using people to make money for ourselves, your response should be; so is your boss at your job, so is the banking system etc.

Our friend Archimedes believe he could move the Earth if given the proper Leverage, he resorted to using his Brains where Brawn could not prevail.

Leverage is an exercise in Brain Power; it is an analytical assessment of our Goals and Aspirations.

Leverage is the system by which we find solutions of the everyday challenges of financial and time Freedom.

J Paul Getty the first documented billionaire said “I would rather one percent of a hundred people’s efforts than one hundred percent of my own”. I believe that if J Paul Getty is telling us this, you can interpret that this is his principles of success I believe that we should listen, he is successful. .

Leverage everything you can, it pays Huge Dividends. Your dreams and aspirations are more easily achieved when you apply Leverage.

So go on out and Leverage!


George Kerr



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