Own a Hovercraft Now

Own a Hovercraft Now
Hovercraft have actually been around for over 50 years, and despite the fact that most people think of hovercraft as large military or ferry type vessels, technology has actually made hovercraft more affordable for rescue, survey, personal leisure and commercial use. When hovercraft were first introduced, they resembled flying saucers that had the ability to levitate, so several engineers were captivated and inspired to assemble their own versions; even pupils created hovercraft at school to understand product design and engineering aspects. Small hovercraft developed, and enthusiasts raced them on weekends, to see who could go fastest. Hov Pod Applications Hov Pod Hovercraft travel over any flat surface traveling up to 40 mph – we supply Hov Pods for leisure use, for rental business operations, rescue from floods from mud, sand and ice, commercial uses such as shell fishing, bridge maintenance, surveying, oil exploration and several other applications. Hovercraft Design Considerations Hovercraft are rather weight sensitive, so some enthusiasts make hulls from extremely thin glass fibre, that looks nice, but shatters on impact. Hovercraft travel over ground so they need to be tough for all-terrain use. Enthusiasts compromise safety by leaving off fan guard protection – several small hovercraft do not have actually the essential rear guard to the fan assembly. Some suppliers try reducing costs by selecting cheaper under-powered engines, and then modifying them to get more power output – thus invalidating the engine supplier warranty. Hov Pod Hovercraft The Hov Pod range of hovercraft are designed by computer (CAD) and engineered robotically (CNC) for safe and easy commercial and leisure use. We fit front and rear fan guards, install marine-grade stainless steel parts, do not modify engines, so we can offer a full warranty. We don’t manufacture hulls from thin glass fibre – Hov Pod hulls are made either from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or Carbon Fibre. Hov Pod polyurethane coated nylon skirts last alot longer than the neoprene coated nylon or Hypalon as used by similar vendors, in fact, we now supply skirts for other hovercraft because they last so much longer. Free Hovercraft Guide If you are considering the purchase of a hovercraft, contact us for a free hovercraft guide that will explain the various operational characteristics such as Hump, and Plow-in, as well as the important safety features you should consider. The hovercraft guide explains on-water payload versus on-land payload, and essential features to consider before purchase. Finish the form to receive the free guide.

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