Using Your Knowledge More Effectively

tyle=”color: #ffcc00;”>10 Action steps yon can take right now   1 Realign your focus If you have lost sight of your objectives and have found yourself in the weeds. Regroup and realigned your objectives to point towards the BIG outcome you desire and set aside time to keep on striving towards your Goal. Call your mentor for an additional motivation.   2  Harnessing the power of Humor to make an Impact Try to harness the power of humorous to deliver more impacting marketing messages. Try  your strategy on a few of your friends  who are honest enough to help you with constructive critique of your plan. If  successful then give it a whirl in the public. Humor is infectious and it is more likely to be shared, especially those one that are witty and creative.   3 Be a skilled counter puncher Try to shift the focus from chronic complainers. […]

Leverage our system of solutions

olor: #ffcc00;”>Did you know? This story is partially about a man by the name of Archimedes and Leverage. Archimedes lived back in the age of antiquity 287 BC to 212 BC.  Archimedes was a Mathematician, Physicist, Inventor, Astronomer and Engineer. He is credited with inventions and discovery of scientific principles. While the invention of the lever was not his invention, he is credited with the discovery of the principles of the simple lever. In support of this principle he was quoted as saying “Give me a place to stand on and I will move the earth.”  This he spoke in relation to lever from which we derived Leverage. He designed a block and tackle pulley system which enabled sailors to use the principles of Leverage to lift objects that would otherwise too heavy to lift. My fellow networkers it is important to know this system of Leverage which is utilized […]

How to prepare your business for Growth

O PREPARE YOUR BUSINESS FOR GROWTH Today I will share with you, one marketing strategy that changed my business overnight and have really affected my fortunes. If you are still struggling to find online success. Then today is your day I will share with you this technique and if it is used you will find success. It is the same technique I applied to my business to change the direction of my fortunes and ultimately the survival of my business.   When it comes to business online or offline, there is an element of commonality to all. This one ingredient must be present in all businesses. It is so important that the absence of this ingredient spell the death for your business In fact the if you should take a poll of all the businesses there ever was, it would  have been the all-time champion for the success, and the […]