3 Biggest Mistakes (part II)

Not Building a List Most Internet marketers are dreamers, however for many of us our dreams never came to fruition because we’ve stop dreaming or we have allowed others to stop us from dreaming. Often we’ll start our business full of  life and vibrancy, our level of enthusiasm was through the roof,  but  we allow the frustrations to turn us aside from pursuing our dreams.  To be a successful online marketer we must adopt the attitude of persistence and that the only way to fail at this is to quit. It is important to make assessment of our progress and make all necessary adjustments.  Building on the principles of leverage which was first discovered by Archimedes in way back in the age of antiquity 287 BC to 212 BC, this principle of leverage, we’ve borrowed and if applied it  facilitates your success! The three biggest mistakes made by Internet Marketers […]

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes

3 Biggest Mistakes part 1 Buying Leads Internet marketers are dream chaser but quite often those dreams are thwarted because enthusiasm does not guaranteed success. Most Internet Marketers are enthusiastic at the start but soon all that enthusiasm turns into frustrations and if it not leveraged to facilitate success, the results of which is the real cause for quitting before finding their pot of gold. It quite often a result of these mistakes I call them the “The 3 Biggest Mistakes”. The three biggest mistakes made by Internet Marketers are as follows: Buying Leads They try to get others to join them in ventures Never investing in personal development of themselves and others. Internet Marketers often makes these mistakes because we depend on others to teach us a system to make money and we are therefore at a disadvantage if the systems we are exposed to is flawed. Interneter is […]

Income Advantage

Income Advantage  What is Income Advantage? …..It is the difference between having a thriving and successful business and one that is ultimately doomed to fail. It is the difference between making huge sum s of money on the internet and not making any at all. It is knowing how to build a list How to monetize list It is knowing  where to find tons of eager followers Follow me on this journey your years on lack will transform into a time of plenty, life will never be the same again. Over the next series of email I will reveal the simple techniques I used to build my list and the make a handsome living from home. Connect with me across the social medium via my Facebook Fanpage, IBO Toolbox or twitter. Click on the link below to follow.   Best regard George Kerr Income Advantage