Right Now Right Here 20 ways to make $100 a day


Hi Great News For You,

I am writing this at 4:11 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon.

It’s a beautiful, cool fall day. I should be out playing golf, but instead I’m here in my office writing this email. I can’t help it: I’m excited.

I don’t want you working this weekend, though, which is why I’m not going to send this out until Monday, but I just CAN’T RESIST writing it RIGHT now.

You see, I had a friend refer me to a report that details 20 ways to earn $100 a day. I’ll be honest with

you: $100 a day isn’t a lot of money to me anymore.

There was a time when it was, but those days are long past.

So why am I so excited?

Because by the time I got to page 17 of this info-packed

247 page report, what I had already read so early into the report triggered a fantastic product idea for me that I KNOW will earn A LOT more than $100 a day. (I’ll be telling you more about that in the coming days.)

That’s the beauty of continuing to learn, whatever industry you’re in, even if everything seems to be a rehash of the same-ol’ same-ol’. Every now and again you hit on a real gem.

Yessss, this report is one of those real gems.

It was put together by Willie Crawford and his team at the Internet Marketing Inner Circle. If you’re familiar with Willie Crawford, then you know that he has a very solid reputation to protect. That’s why the authors of this report were put through the ringer before their methods were approved and added to it.

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction that Willie wrote for the publication:

Each chapter was written by an “average person” who achieved the goal of making $100 a day by focusing on his or her existing interests and building small, home-based businesses around them.

A panel of online business experts reviewed each chapter, applying “real-world” tests for authenticity and practical value. This was a serious undertaking.

There are no wild claims or exaggerations in this publication.

I can tell you that everything I’ve read so far in the publication is accurate and true. I’m so excited about what it says that I’m writing this email when I haven’t even finished reading it yet!

Soooo, if you’re still at the stage where making $100 a day through your online efforts would be a real landmark, or if you’re a seasoned online businessperson who’s looking for some Brand-new ideas (like I was), then you will get this report and lock yourself away in your office until you’ve read every word of it.

Again I say: after reading only 17 pages of this report, the information triggered a product idea that I KNOW will earn me A LOT more than $100 a day. That should give you a clue about the real value of this information.

Here’s the link:

And here’s to your victory right now!

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