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Last week I wrote about how information — in the form of eBooks — was The very best thing to sell in 2008.

After all, when you sell an eBook, you can make countless duplications of it at NO additional cost. Your manufacturing, stocking, packaging AND delivery costs are non-existent.

That means your profit margin is 100%!

But did you know that you can multiply the profits of an existing business by giving an eBook away — for FREE?

“How can you make money by giving something away for free?” you ask?

It’s simple… you create a free eBook stuffed with tons of valuable information, and then use it as a VIRAL marketing tool, encouraging people to download it, read it, and share it with their friends.

Once people see the value you’re giving away for free, they’ll want to pass it on to their friends – and word about you and your business will spread like wildfire through the online community.

Done right, this strategy can give you a strong personal AND professional reputation online, while creating plenty of visibility for you and your business.

And it can drive a ton of brand-new visitors to your website… resulting in a huge increase in sales of your product!

(In fact, you can even use a free viral eBook to promote the eBook you’re selling. The quality of the information you offer in your viral eBook will go a long way to persuading potential customers that your main eBook is well worth the price.)

Best of all, a viral eBook is a FREE advertising tool.

You don’t need to pay to get it in front of potential customers, because they’ll already be sharing it with each other. They’ll email their friends a copy… or send a copy to a coworker through instant messaging… or post it on a blog or forum… and your message will spread across the Internet while you sit back and watch.

Okay, so you’re excited about using a viral eBook as a marketing tool, but you still have one main question:

… What on earth can you write about???

Here are seven proven ideas you can use to get started creating your own free viral eBook today:

Idea #1: Industry update report

If major changes have recently happened in your industry — or if there are any major developments on the horizon — an industry update report can be a great way to get your name associated with these hot brand-new trends and developments.

This is a great way to make a name for yourself within your industry. And when the trend heats up, you can bet that the number of people reading and sharing your eBook will skyrocket, too.

Idea #2: Industry resource guide

A resource guide can be really helpful to people who are just getting started in your industry, or who are looking for brand-new contacts, ideas, or opportunities.

By writing this type of guide, you can develop a strong reputation for yourself as a reliable “industry insider” whom people can approach when they’re looking for resources. And when the time comes for them to buy a product or service, you can bet that YOU will be the first person they turn to.

Idea #3: Interviews with industry experts

Everyone loves to hear what the leaders in their industry are doing. After all, one of The very best — and fastest — ways to become successful is to follow in the footsteps of those who’ve already achieved incredible success.

It’s easy to create an eBook that’s made up of a collection of interviews. All you have to do is send out a few emails to people in your field and ask them to share their experiences with you. People love to talk about what they do.

Plus, with this type of eBook, you’ll have 100% exclusive, original content – which is sure to appeal to your potential readers!

Idea #4: Special tips from industry insiders

This variation on Idea #3 can be another great source of valuable content. Instead of interviewing experts, you simply contact them and ask for their tips on how to solve common problems and overcome obstacles in your field. Then, group the tips by topic and you’ll have a book of “insider tips” that’s sure to be a hit.

Idea #5: “How-to” instruction guides

Of course, if you’re something of an expert yourself, there’s no need to consult with other experts to create your eBook! Go ahead and write your own eBook that teaches people a hard-to-learn skill or helps them get started in your field of expertise.

Idea #6: User manuals for hard-to-use products

If you have expert knowledge or several experience with a product that’s hard to use, you could create a start-to-complete user manual or beginner’s guide that helps brand-new users get up and running with the product. If it’s a product that’s just starting to grow in popularity, your eBook will be sure to create a buzz.

Another variation on this idea is to create an eBook that lists alternate uses for common products and explains how people can start using them in brand-new ways. For example, you might write a guide that lists 10 little-known uses for iPods, or 10 creative ways to recycle your old computer equipment.

Idea #7: Reviews of industry products

Product reviews are becoming indispensable resources in the online shopping community. People love to read reviews of products before they buy them – so if you’ve tried out some popular products that would certainly appeal to your market, you’ve got some great information to include in your eBook.

So there are some ideas to get you started… Choose the one that appeals to you most and run with it!

Just remember that when you create your eBook, you’ll want to use software that allows you to…

1. Track the number of copies distributed

— and —

2. Capture reader contact information

After all, you’re going to want to know how popular it is with your audience, and how several people end up sharing it with others.

And of course, you’ll want to stay in contact with the people who have downloaded it. They’ve demonstrated an interest in the information you have to offer — and that means they’ve just identified themselves as great potential customers!

Your viral eBook will help you gain a “sales force” of thousands of enthusiastic people who recommend your eBook to everyone they meet… helping you build a rock-solid reputation for yourself.

And you can bet that when these potential customers are in the mood to make a purchase that’s related to the subject of your eBook, you’re one of the first sources they’ll think of!

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