The 3 Biggest Mistakes

>3 Biggest Mistakes part 1

Buying Leads

Internet marketers are dream chaser but quite often those dreams are thwarted because enthusiasm does not guaranteed success. Most Internet Marketers are enthusiastic at the start but soon all that enthusiasm turns into frustrations and if it not leveraged to facilitate success, the results of which is the real cause for quitting before finding their pot of gold. It quite often a result of these mistakes I call them the “The 3 Biggest Mistakes”.

The three biggest mistakes made by Internet Marketers are as follows:

  1. Buying Leads
  2. They try to get others to join them in ventures
  3. Never investing in personal development of themselves and others.

Internet Marketers often makes these mistakes because we depend on others to teach us a system to make money and we are therefore at a disadvantage if the systems we are exposed to is flawed. Interneter is great imitators and we will quite often emulate our predecessors in the business opportunity. Most people will admit that the first impression leaves a lasting effect so too is the method by which our sponsors recruited us, it will likely be the method you’ll choose to recruit another. Unknown to that new person in the business is the futility of a flawed system, it bring more frustrations that necessary and yield very little in the way of real sustainable business. Many Interneters runs contrary to law and tenets of what the true Interneter does. The reason why is that most Interneters are doomed from the very start. They were sold a flawed business model and they’ll continue down that path without ever realizing they are destined for failure from the very onset.

One of the biggest mistakes we make in buying leads,  is that it violates the basic tenets, people do business with those who  they know like and trust. It the true essence of the Internet Marketing, and what your sponsor to give you when you’ve purchased a lead is the likability factor. Your sponstr likability factor is not your it is not transferable. Your loyalty is developed with people over tinme, you would not just fork over your hard earned cash just to anyone the same is true from your customers, they must know you, like you trust you.

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