The 3 MOST Powerful Forms Of ‘Viral Marketing’

cial Reports’.

Just make sure you put together a free eBook with quality information inside.

That’s where your ‘Resource Box’ comes in. (Take a look at how mine is formatted at the end of this article.).

– They also allow you to Target your audience’s problem specifically that they’re dealing with.

Well, that about sums it up for the 3 MOST powerful ‘Viral Marketing’ methods being used today by most Internet marketers, and for good reason, because they work.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it.

– Website owners are always looking for quality ** Free Stuff ** to give away or offer to their Visitors and/or Subscribers.

Well, today’s your lucky day because I’m going to highlight 3 of the MOST powerful ways to build your targeted ‘Opt-In List’ by using the Power of ‘Viral Marketing’ as your engine.

– Free eBooks work great as well and have the same benefits as I outlined through the special report.

Method # 2. Putting Together A ‘Free eBook’.

Just imagine if your article were to be picked up by some Newsletter Editor with a large list or High Traffic website and they use it as a ‘Featured Article’ in their publication, you could see an INSTANT Surge of targeted traffic to your website overnight.

The only difference using this approach is, you can put together a free eBook in less time than it would take to produce your special report simply because it doesn’t even have to be your own material inside, it can be someone else’s.

– They give you Instant Credibility, which builds trust in your customer that you are knowledgeable in your industry.

Once or twice while surfing around on the Internet, I bet you’ve heard this catch phrase.

Method # 3. Writing ‘Articles’.

With that said, let’s move on to what these 3 ‘Viral’ methods are and how they will benefit you and your List Building efforts.

And the best part about using these 3 ‘Viral’ methods I’m about to mention are … they cost virtually Nothing to produce, are Highly targeted, give You INSTANT Credibility and are in constant demand by website owners.

– And they also allow you to target more than one Product or Service inside because free eBooks are usually a compilation of related articles targeting a particular problem leaving you room to diversify.

– And at the end of the article you have a spot called the ‘Resource Box’ to insert your personal Bio and/or Website information.

The question that usually arises is … “How do I effectively build one that won’t cost me an arm and a leg in the process?”

This is where you could CASH-IN, especially if you make your special report ‘Brandable’. If they can make Money in the process, this gives the website owner even MORE incentive to give your Freebie away.

– Writing Articles is probably ONE of the Best and Most Effective Ways to produce a wave of Viral traffic to your website because every website owner needs FRESH content to feed to their subscribers and/or visitors.

– Special Reports work great because they allow you to go into more depth about the Topic or Problem in question where you’ll then be able to lead them to how your Product or Service (or Affiliate product) can fix their current problem.

– And your Contact Information will always be inside, no matter what. Meaning, as your report is being passed around the Internet you’ll always be able to lead your potential customer back to your website where they could sign-up for your newsletter and/or read up more about your Products or Services you offer.

” The Money Is in The … LIST!”

Now, with all that said, what do these 3 ‘Viral’ methods all have in common that’ll put your List Building efforts on ‘Auto-Pilot’?

… and Most important of all, they’re all FREE!

– They’re HIGHLY Targeted.

– They have YOUR Contact Details leading to Your website.

– They’re in HIGH demand by website owners.

– They give You INSTANT Credibility in your industry.

This article represents just a summarized version of all the different List Building techniques available online, But, in my opinion, these 3 are the most effective.

Just think for a minute, by using only ONE of these methods listed above, how it could put your Opt-In list building efforts on ‘Auto-Pilot’.

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