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Affiliate programs or marketing can be a great source of earning a little extra money. Especially for bloggers and website entrepreneurs. It is a very simple program that binds the affiliate and the company or product to be advertised are binded. Affiliate programs are a form of marketing in which the affiliate is rewarded for bringing in costumers or visitors. It will do good for both the parties. The company being advertised will get the required publicity and customers. And the affiliate can use their source ( example famous website,blog or social media account) to earn a little extra income in form of commission.

There are a lot of companies that are running these affiliate commission programs but here we are going to offer you a list of some design services like themes, logos, designs etc. which provides the largest affiliate commissions.

The only thing you have to do is create an account on these websites and get your promotion link, banners or widgets. Then you can share them on your blog or websites. If you don’t have any then there are some websites in this list too that lets you share it of social media websites and earn commission on sale.

So just what is going on with web marketing in this day and age? With everything else going on in your life, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of the latest trends and information. Here in this article you will find some of the most important information on web marketing that you have been looking for.

Web marketing can be a very profitable way to make money. Instead of actually owning the products, you refer people to buy them and make a commission off of it. One easy way to do this would be to post your website or product on a forum or blog in order to get the most people possible.

Look for easy to sell products when you first start out. In the beginning, you don’t want to be advertising for something no one has ever heard of. It puts pressure on both you and the consumer. The best way to go is to look at what products are currently “hot” and start with those. Once you have established a base, you can move to more challenging sales.

Check the conversion rate of the affiliate company you are considering working with. Look for a site that has at least one percent conversion ratio, meaning one out of every hundred visitors make a purchase. Check the sales-copy of the site and see if it makes you want to purchase.

Use the pre-sell content of your affiliate programs to link to keep customers interested. If you a promoting a new dog cage, have the link go to the affiliates additional information about it instead of going straight to order page. This gives the customer more information about a product continuing the sales pitch and builds trust.

Become an affiliate marketer yourself. This advertises your company on many different websites, and you pay the affiliate a small fee for each sale they generate. You can keep track of these on your own if you so desire, but many companies opt for other third-parties to take care of the method.

In conclusion, it is definitely difficult to stay on top of all of the latest tips and tricks coming out about web marketing. To make matters worse, information is constantly changing – making it nearly impossible to be an expert unless you make it a point to keep yourself up to date. Hopefully you found this article interesting, informative, and were able to learn a couple of new things.

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Theme Forest (

With more than 36000 website templates and themes, Theme forest has one of the biggest collections of designs on the web. It is a part of Envato market and provides you with a chance to earn commission every time a customer buys something.

Theme forest

All you need to do is create an account as an affiliate and generate the referral URL to Theme Forest page. Then you can send traffic via that link and can earn 30% commission on every purchase by the referred customers. As the average cost of a good quality template is around $30 you can earn upto $9 for each sale.

Elegant themes (

This one has a smaller collection because it provides only WordPress themes. But still is better for the affiliates side. It provides you with highest commission rate that is 50%. And this is not all, even when the customer purchases a renewal of his or her theme every year you receive commission on that too.

Just like the other ones you have to create an account on Elegant themes to become an affiliate. There is also something unique in store for you where you can pay some money and get access to all themes.

Mighty Deals (

Mighty deals provides the users with deals on quality fonts, templates, apps, eBooks and much more. This has a different affiliate contract for you where you don’t need to have a blog or website. You can do the advertising and publicity through the URL provided on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

The percentage of commission is less than the other programs, 25%, but yes some people also get multiple sales from just one tweet. You will receive the money via PayPal within 30 days or month ending.

Ink Themes (

Ink themes is another website that sells the best premium wordpress themes. You can get upto 50% of the amount of sales by your directed traffic as commission. Make an account on the link given above and get your link to Ink Themes. This website provides a special feature to the affiliates. If the visitor does not buy by clicking on your link but returns within 60 days, you will get the commission for the sale.

99 Designs (

This website helps businesses find the best freelance designers online. How it works is that the company has to make an account and start a contest. In that all the designers interested would give their designs. The best design would be taken up by the company or they can get their money back if they don’t get what they needed.

As an affiliate all you have to do is sign up on the website and share the given link. You will earn $55 commission for each referred customer who launches a contest.

DesignModo (

This one is a very famous design blog and a place where you can get high quality UI packs and themes. You can find UI kits of mobile phones, WordPress themes, website designs and a lot more.

You can join the affiliate program by signing up. This website provides you with a 25% cut on each sale. Anyone with a blog, website or social media account and go on and joining the DesignModo affiliate program.

Inky Deals (

InkyDeals has everything one needs for designing. From icons, fonts to Photoshop edits and vector graphics. This website also provides affiliate programs where one can get 25% from each sale. There are some selected deals for which you can get up to 70% commission.

The website offers great banners and widgets to advertise from that will automatically display the recent deals from Inky Deals on your website or blog.

Studio Press (

Studio Press is another WordPress theme and templates provider. They give you around 35% cut on every sale that was carried by customers diverted by your referral link. You can apply for the same on the above link. It is a really easy way to earn money if you have your own blog or website.


MOO is a designing and printing service website. They design, print and deliver all kinds of stuff like postcards, business cards, stickers, envelopes etc.

You have to sign up on the link above and copy your affiliate URL. You then have to display the same in the form of links or banners. The commission is not fixed. It can vary from a single digit figure to a three digit one. It all depends on the type of customer or size of business.


WIX is an online website builder which creates HTML 5 websites with useful features. People can take the free plan and try it and then subscribe to the premium plans. So you get your commission only when you bring in a customer who takes a premium plan. But the good news is, you get $100 for each conversion to premium plans. And if that customer keeps the plan for 14 days. The plans start from Rs 122 per month and there is no limit to the traffic that you can divert and earn money.

In addition there are downfalls to it too. You have to make at least 3 converts a month to get your money per sale basis. And also you can get the payment through PayPal only.

On – By Shivam Venugopal

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