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tyle="color: #ffcc00;">10 Action steps yon can take right now


1 Realign your focus

  • If you have lost sight of your objectives and have found yourself in the weeds. Regroup and realigned your objectives to point towards the BIG outcome you desire and set aside time to keep on striving towards your Goal. Call your mentor for an additional motivation.


2  Harnessing the power of Humor to make an Impact

  • Try to harness the power of humorous to deliver more impacting marketing messages. Try  your strategy on a few of your friends  who are honest enough to help you with constructive critique of your plan. If  successful then give it a whirl in the public. Humor is infectious and it is more likely to be shared, especially those one that are witty and creative.


3 Be a skilled counter puncher

  • Try to shift the focus from chronic complainers. If this continues try to shift their attention  away   from the negative to more positive accomplishments,  Continue until the complainer pipes down or they have received the   message.

4 Planning Ahead

  • Exercise prudent and plan ahead, write down the worst three disasters that that could take your business into a tail spin. Next start planning immediately how to by drafting the detailed contingency plan of what to do in the eventuality of these disasters.

5 Strive to be different

  • What is the purpose of your business?  What are the things that are unique in your offering? Highlight these differences and build your marketing pitches around it.

6 Now is your most opportune moment

  • Procrastination is the death of your dreams and aspirations, tomorrow never comes what are you delaying today for tomorrow? Commit yourself to being more active, taking your health more seriously, a business sit down with your partner or vendor about issues etc.



7 Be sure to expose your human adverse (your imperfections)

  • The next you want to gain someone’s trust try using a any imperfection of yourself to expose a more human like characteristic. People will appreciate your humanness and you’ll become more likable to them.

8 Networking via the Net

  • Create a fan page about your company today, (Facebook, LinkedIn). Social media websites are an excellent way to build a fan base, it provide free exposure to clients and vendors and business associates, can know about you.

9 Keep the long term objective for your business

  • Set aside time to write out a three year plan. Use this objective document to keep you focus on the task.

10 Communication is key for the triumph of the team

  • Meet with you team to remind them about the main objective. Emphasize the importance of teamwork, and suggest ways they to upgrade and applaud recent collaborations.

Thanks to Darren Hardy and triumph Magazine 

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