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hits a day on your site. But how several of those hits convert into sales for you? 50%? 25%? Or less than 10%? While it is important to drive traffics to your site, it is more important to get the sales from all these visits. You can do this by tracking and analyzing website traffic in order to figure out what you need to do to get the sales.

Along with this information in hand you can then focus your campaign to converting those hits into sales. Since you already know how to drive them to visit you, focus more on how to make them buy. This is actually the more difficult part of the whole system. One way to make it easy is to monitor your website traffic.

Get the specific numbers of visitors and analyze your conversion rate. Based on your website traffic, look to see where most of your traffics is coming from—is it coming from searches, from affiliate sites, or from direct links—and then tweak your sales page that way, based upon the target visitors.

The importance of website traffic monitoring cannot be over emphasized. Firstly, it will give you information such as the number of visitors you get in a particular time frame; at what particular time is there are surge in traffics; how long they stay at your site; from what country and/or geographical location they hail from; as well to how several of them are unique visits.

Using the information taken from your website traffic you can determine if you are actually reaching your target market—people whom you intend to market to and whom you expect to buy your product. If you see which ones are not from your target market you can then focus your marketing to reach your target market.

Secondly, like I said above, because of the information you can see what things are working, and what things need to be changed. For example, if your target market is people living in California and your web stats show that most of your visitors are from other states and even from other countries then you may need to adjustment certain things in your site or even the way you advertise your site.

Finally, by monitoring your website traffic, you’ll likewise know which of your products converts well and which do not. You’ll be able to concentrate more of your effort to these products or you can redo your other products in order for them to perform as well. You can determine if you must stay in your market or add another market.

Monitoring is not really that difficult nor is it that cost prohibitive. You can get free programs and/or software from the web. Google Analytics is a good example of a good free web traffic analysis tool. It’s not that hard to install nor difficult to run Along with your system. If you don’t have actually such a program installed yet, get one and see for yourself how important it is to monitor your website traffic.

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