Write Yourself a Lazy People Disclaimer And Separate The Gonna-Bes From the Wanna-Beszzz


Write Yourself a Lazy People Disclaimer And Separate The Gonna-Bes From the Wanna-Bes
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Chris_Satchwell]Chris Satchwell

Many people who surf around online looking for business opportunities or anyways to make money online just expect to be spoon fed everything because they can’t be bothered to do anything themselves. In life there are some things that we have no choice but to do it ourselves. One way to give these people a kick up the backside is to write yourself a ‘Lazy People Disclaimer’. A Lazy People Disclaimer is ideal for those who own or run any kind of website related to making money online. There are no magical ways to earn money online that require no work, it is a fact that you have to put the effort in to get the rewards. However this doesn’t stop many people thinking they can just join any old program and instantly start earning pots of cash!

What a Lazy People Disclaimer Will Do There is no point writing a review of an affiliate program and saying that the program is so amazing that the amount of work you have to do to start earning money is about 1hr per week. All that will happen is the ‘wanna-bes’ will join, yes they will be in your downline, but they soon realise that actually they can’t make pots of money for 1hrs work per week. So even though they are in your downline they won’t make you any money and will leave you frustrated. What you want to do is weed out the ‘wanna-bes’ to catch the ‘gonna-bes’, these are people that will join a program and actually work hard to earn commissions.

A Lazy People Disclaimer will help you weed out the wanna-bes to get to the gonna-bes. Its much better to refer one person who will earn $500 a month (with you getting say 10%) then refer 100 people each too lazy to earn a single cent. If you put a Lazy People Disclaimer in then the wanna-bes will read it and weep. They know they just want to earn a quick and easy buck and can’t really be bothered to commit, the chances are they will quickly reach for the Close Window button because you can’t provide what they want.

On the other hand a genuine person who sees it as an opportunity is likely to be encouraged, it will give the impression that it’s a genuine and proper program and they will understand that you have to work to earn money online.

Example of a Lazy People Disclaimer Here is an example that I created for an article which I wrote about an affiliate service that you have to pay to join. You can create your own or just edit it to suit your own website or the site you are talking about.

LAZY PEOPLE DISCLAIMER: If you want to earn extra money for nothing then please don’t sign-up at this website, because you will just waste your time and money. Because you are an affiliate you will have to work to get the rewards (promoting and developing your website and other ways to sell their products). THEY GIVE YOU ALL THE INGREDIENTS TO SUCCEED, BUT IF YOU CANT BE BOTHERED TO PUT THE INGREDIENTS TOGETHER THEN DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. WE HAVE WARNED YOU!

Implement The Lazy People Disclaimer You may want to put it right at the top of your review/website. This way you cut to the hunt and instantly let the visitor know that this site isn’t for the those tying to make a quick buck. Alternatively you could put it after the visitor has read through your content just as a little note to let them know ‘hey I did warn you!’. Or you could even create a new page for the disclaimer so you can quickly link to it from the relevant pages.

I came up with the Lazy People Disclaimer idea when I was writing 2 new reviews, one was a [http://dietpillreview.littlebritainonline.com/]Diet Pill Review and the other was an [http://www.dropshiphelp.co.uk/articles/why_MYR_is_set_to_take_affiliates_by_storm.php]Affiliate Program Review. For the affiliate program I wanted to make sure that only the best would join! One way of doing this was to write a disclaimer which is serious but still makes those who already work hard smile.

The web has many people looking around for ways to make loads of money really quickly. Unless they invest heavily they aren’t going to manage it. There has to be a way to get through to these people. I’m sure there are better ways then the Lazy People Disclaimer to get the message across but this is the best I can do at the moment.

I hope you like this idea and appreciate that I was just trying to come up with something different here, Im not actually suggesting that this will become thousands of webmasters implement!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chris_Satchwell http://EzineArticles.com/?Write-Yourself-a-Lazy-People-Disclaimer-And-Separate-The-Gonna-Bes-From-the-Wanna-Bes&id=507614


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